Christine and Richard Lovering

Dearest Leonora,
both Christine and I want to say that it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful Ridgeback family.

Before arriving we had done a lot of research and your name was strongly recommended by the French Ridgeback Society.
We were greeted on arrival by numerous well-behaved Ridgebacks with an incredible temperament. It was obvious that everyone adored you.
Even your kennels must be rewarded, I have never seen such a well organized and professional installation like the one you have.

Upon arrival here at our house “Chateau de Valette” has seamlessly integrated into our existing family of dogs and cats and continues to do so, we cannot imagine our life without her now. In our small luxury retreat here in the Dordogne it has already broken the hearts of many customers. Once again, thank you so much for bringing up such a wonderful animal.