Nothing in the world takes your heart like a puppy.
We are with our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies from the first moment of life, watching and assisting the mother, personally, before labor begins. We live with the litter day and night until the little ones reach autonomy. We do everything from attaching them to the breast if they do not do it independently to cutting their nails so that they do not accidentally injure their mother or littermates.

The attention we pay to the genealogy and character of the parents gives all the possible guarantees for a healthy and robust constitution. From the moment of birth we follow all the steps to keep them healthy: first health care, wide spaces to move and play within well-guarded enclosures, many games suitable for age and the first instructions to begin a process of socialisation with people.

Healthy and Strong Puppies, to Love

All our puppies are visited and taken care of by veterinary specialists to ensure a balanced growth and guarantee a perfect state of health, primarily ensuring they are free from Dermoid Sinus.
We personally take care of their daily needs and when the number of puppies exceeds the number of mothers' breasts, we nurse them with a bottle.