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the Breeding


With the arrival in 1994 of our beloved Keenya it seemed natural to us to find a partner so that she could have equally beautiful puppies. After a long search we found Filmmaker Never Surrender (awarded the Champion Rhodesian Ridgeback of the United States) as the ideal companion and so we accompanied Keenya to the United States for mating.

In 1996 Mufasa, our first male Rhodesian, became a USA Champion. Our first great success

In 1997, with the first litter of 13 puppies, Bango was born.
He became a USA Champion in 1998 and an Italian Champion in 1997.

The success of Leoridge continues. The beautiful Nala defeats all the adversaries and receives her USA Champioship.

And yet another Champion in 2019! Alfie leaves for the USA and qualifies himself for his USA Championship.

If the arrival of Keenya in 1994 and the success of the first litter represent the the start of our breeding history. The beauty of our dogs, the many competitions and achievements they have won confirms the excellence of our working methods for these first 25 years of activity.

Liver Nose and Amber Eyes

an Unbeatable Leoridge Kennel Combination

Our breeding was the first to bring a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a liver-colored nose and amber eyes to Italy.
Thanks to their whimsical nature, today they are in great demand.
We have anticipated a trend.

Nala liver nose Rhodesian Ridgeback
Bango rhodesian ridgeback

the Family Leoridge Kennel Today

Today the kennel is formed by Demi the sweet, Trixie the new mother of nine puppies, Alfie our beautiful USA male champion and our little Akela, the future champion of the last litter 😉


Trixie rhodesian ridgeback


rhodesian ridgeback



In addition to the younger specimens of reproductive age, we continue to take care of the sweet and faithful Tabi born in 2009, of Benji our wonderful American champion born in 2012 and of Lucy born here with us 11 years ago and returned home recently because the owners could no longer take care of her: having her home again was a great joy for all of us.

rhodesian ridgeback

Tabi, born 2009

rhodesian ridgeback

Benji, born 2012

rhodesian ridgeback

Lucy, born 2018

Il codice Leoridge Kennel

From the first stages of life the puppies are watched for character, which must be joyful, balanced and lively, as well as the beauty of their formation.
Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks live free in the large enclosed garden of the family home in the Parma countryside.
The kennels are large and modern and allow us to manage every phase of the life of the animals, especially puppies.

Bango e Moonie rhodesian ridgeback
  • We pay the utmost attention to the construction of the puppies' character by selecting the subjects to be paired according to their individual characteristics.

  • We avoid dangerous family ties that can compromise the health of the dog. We are looking for partners with the best and most suitable family tree

  • We take care of the pregnancy, welding feeding and weaning the puppies by sleeping with them.

  • We provide nutrition specific to every stage of their life.

  • We follow the placement of the puppies into their new family.

  • We come into direct contact with each new family to be sure of the future serenity and future wellbeing of our Rhodesians.

  • We remain available for advice and suggestions, help and support for our Rhodesian Ridgebacks that have found a new family.

Living with our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, finding the right genetic lines for breeding and watching them grow is a beautiful experience that has changed our lives and is one that we want to share.

We breed dogs not for economic interest but for love and devotion for this wonderful breed and these special life companions.

Finding the Right Mate

for our Rhodesian Ridgebacks

In choosing the right mate our Rhodesian Ridgebacks in addition to the classic parameters, such as the certified exemption from genetic pathologies and the titles acquired in national and international competitions, it is essential to know the character of the male very well, we must be lively and sweet above all, never aggressive.

Currently available for mating: Trixie, Demi and Alfie