Living with a Rhodesian Ridgeback

makes you feel protected and loved

Since 1994 we have been breeding and living with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, elegant and strong, agile and congenial. We can guide you to choose your new friend and help you establish the deepest most practical and emotional connection.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are proud dogs that come from the great land of Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe) South Africa. They are called “Lion Dogs” because they helped the natives in hunting.

Since ancient times the “Lion Dogs” were also used to protect African villages and the nomadic movements of the tribes and their herds. Still today they are strongly linked to the family they live with and feel they are guardians and guarantors of the family’s security.

The distinguishing ridge on the back inspires respect. It is formed by a thick line of hair oriented in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. It is a sign of strength and determination, of nobility and elegance and makes the Rhodesian Ridgeback a dog with strong distinctive traits.

Leoridge Kennel

breeds for love

For those of us who live in the country it is natural to feel the need to have a dog nearby.
The presence of a dog makes the freedom that country life offers feel safer.

We have chosen a Rhodesian Ridgeback for its proud and elegant appearance, for its active temperament and because it is a tenacious protector of the house.

Ourhistory with the Rhodesian Ridgeback began with the arrival of beloved Keenya 1994…


the breeder

Finding a suitable mate for our beloved Keenya became our natural desire. After a long search we found the #1 Rhodesian Ridgeback in the USA.

We brought Keenya to the United States for mating. With the birth of her first 13 puppies, our adventure as breeders began. One of the puppies from this litter was Bango, a 1998 USA Champion and an Italian Champion in 2000.


for you

We are very happy to announce that on October 18th eight wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies were born, 4 females and 4 males, children of the multi-champion Manzili Maliik Slunce Zivota and the international champion Amadiki's Cocozamba Demama of Leoridge, affectionately called Demi.
Healthy, lively and very affectionate, they have all found a new family that will love them and help them grow.

Those who adopt a Leoridge Kennel dog will always be able to count on advice and suggestions so that their life is healthy and harmonious...

Prizes and competitions

Winning in Italy

and in the World

We know that our Rhodesian Ridgebacks are beautiful and so we participate in different competitions in the world as well as in Italy.

In this way we know the best specimens for mating with our dogs and among these we choose the most suitable ones to breed more and more beautiful puppies.

The first great victory of my Demi in the US
The first great victory of my Demi in the US

12/2/2016 Amadiki Cocozamba Demama of Leoridge is American Champion

Beautiful Demi
Beautiful Demi

My Demi, first show, first place!!

The First of 24
The First of 24
R. R. Club Show - Orsenigo (Como) Demi ranks first out of 24 competitors, Thank you Gian for a wonderful handling job.
Flying to the US
Flying to the US

We are ready, the moment of departure has arrived, we are leaving for the USA, in beauty I have everything, I will have to be in great shape, an important test awaits me, what a thrill!

The new American champion
The new American champion

My ALFIE of LEORIDGE has just become an AMERICAN CHAMPION !!! Thank you Frank Murphy for your incredible work.

Adopters Are


Dearest Leonora,
both Christine and I want to say that it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful Ridgeback family.

Before arriving we had done a lot of research and your name was strongly recommended by the French Ridgeback Society.
We were greeted on arrival by numerous well-behaved Ridgebacks with an incredible temperament. It was obvious that everyone adored you.
Even your kennels must be rewarded, I have never seen such a well organized and professional installation like the one you have.

Upon arrival here at our house “Chateau de Valette” has seamlessly integrated into our existing family of dogs and cats and continues to do so, we cannot imagine our life without her now. In our small luxury retreat here in the Dordogne it has already broken the hearts of many customers. Once again, thank you so much for bringing up such a wonderful animal.

Christine and Richard Lovering

Dear Leonora,
this is the cutest, most polite and loving Ridgeback puppy in the world! I love this breed and he loves my children very much! Thank you so much for your wonderful job!


The Leoridge Kennel is one of the very best and most serious Rhodesian Ridgback Kennels in Europe!

Everywhere I turned to for advice all kept praising Leonora’s Ridgebacks for her extraordinary Love & Devotion in raising the healthiest and most beautiful Dogs. I am a devoted “client”, friend and over the last 14 years got four amazing puppies from her impeccably kept kennel!

She is a great internationally acclaimed professional with champion Ridgebacks, loves her dogs & makes sure they get the very best a kennel can offer. She checks out the new owners to make sure the dogs will not only be loved but shall have the right environment!

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